Looking for the perfect birthday gift for your loved ones? Beautiful Rose Gift – The rose denotes love, and the gold represents nobility. This rose wonderfully blends the two aspects, making it look like an angel’s gift.

With fresh-cut roses as raw material – iGifts’s 24K gold roses are created straight from fresh flowers that have been treated and sealed by 24k gold plating. Each rose is captured naturally because of the gold coating; they are incredibly durable birthday presents that will never fade.

A gold rose is an eternal present that may capture pleasant moments and beautiful memories for her birthday this year. It has the potential to be added to a permanent collection. As a sign of your care, present it to your wife, mother, or lover.

When your beloved opens the rose, she will see its unique worth. It can also be put up as a decoration in a location where she will see it every day. The length of a rose is 11-12 inches.

If your loved ones prefer a more natural-looking rose, consider getting our preserved rose dome for her birthday instead. These preserved roses will last well over a decade and look entirely similar to live roses. Our rose domes are made to emulate the prop in the movie Beauty and the Beast and are definitely a very suitable and romantic birthday gift.

Prefer to get your loved ones fresh flowers as a birthday gift? Then, check out the range of orchids freshly harvested from the local orchid farm daily and bring a smile to her with our collection of birthday bouquets and vase arrangements.

Wish to send a special birthday gift to your beloved overseas. We preserved unique orchids grown in tropical Singapore in acrylic ice crystals. These individual orchid crystals take over a month to craft and fashion.

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